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05/08/19 Architecture and approved original and modified drawings for 3743 Woodbourne Pl, Santa Rosa, CA 9... City Clerk
05/08/19 Please provide the below information for ALL APPROVED applications for the retail cannabis permit... City Clerk
05/08/19 Plot plan and permit for original building under permit #93417. *5/20/2019 - Address is 3680 Cro... City Clerk
05/07/19 This is a request to receive digital copies of city documents related to the "Hopper Avenue wall"... City Clerk
05/07/19 I’m purchasing a property and would like to review a copy of the soil report. Property address: 2... City Clerk
05/06/19 I am with Mark Thomas. Mark Thomas (MT) is contracted by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to g... City Clerk
05/06/19 Building Department, I need copies of original construction drawings for 1264 Apollo Way, Santa ... City Clerk
05/03/19 I'd like to request copies of the cannabis use permits for cultivation manufacturing and distribu... City Clerk
05/03/19 Would like copies of the following Master Plan: Skyhawk development 5982 Sunhawk Dr. Santa Rosa... City Clerk
05/03/19 My name is Nathan Hallauer, and I work for the daytime educational television show Hearts of Hero... City Clerk
05/03/19 i need copies of Everything regarding property's , 4219, 4223, and 4227 flat rock circle santa ro... City Clerk
05/02/19 In your establishment of a proposed all electric homes, etc, I request that I be provided with an... City Clerk Sandi Bliss
05/02/19 I am repeating my request that you provide answers to these questions. Since you have failed to d... City Clerk
05/02/19 We are helping out client with a remodel and they would like to remove a wall in their home. We'v... City Clerk
05/02/19 I would like a list of all building inspections and code enforcement activities reported on multi... City Clerk
05/01/19 Hi Carrie, I received another call from one of your counterparts about my request for house plan... City Clerk
05/01/19 All records for 4722 Golf View Ct. *per requester request is for building permits and plans incl... City Clerk
05/01/19 I am the home owner and requesting the release of house plans for 2166 Wedgewood Way, Santa Rosa.... City Clerk
04/30/19 Cost of UAL payment made to CalPERS for 2018 calendar year. City Clerk
04/30/19 Requesting a Certificate of Occupancy for ReBuild fire new home at 3566 Brookdale Drive. Please e... City Clerk
04/30/19 Building permits for 3221 Midway Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 preceeding 2005 City Clerk
04/30/19 Request duplicate plans of the residence 2013 Shelbourne Way incl the addition. City Clerk
04/30/19 We bought a building at 1220 4th Street in Santa Rosa and need all historical building permit rec... City Clerk
04/30/19 Would like to view and have a copy of the planning and building drawings including design, attach... City Clerk
04/29/19 Building plans, specificlly the foundation design, for 2240 and 2200 Mercury Way. 2240 Mercury W... City Clerk
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