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01/08/19 Looking for current commercial solid wast rates with Recology beginning 1/1/2019 City Clerk
01/14/19 Can you please advise me the title and regulation number of the ordinance that governs the displa... City Clerk City Clerk
01/16/19 RE: Bid Submittal for Ross Video Switcher   Could you tell me what the winning price was? City Clerk
02/01/19 We are reqesting information/documentation on the total amount of business licence fee revenue fr... City Clerk
01/15/19 Entire File on 4036 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405  CUP 18-076 City Clerk
01/08/19 Please provide a copy of any appeal of a cannabis-related planning decision filed with the city c... City Clerk City Clerk
01/18/19 CUP18-078 & CUP18-057 470 Sebastopol Rd. & 443 Dutton Ave. Documents or communication s... City Clerk
01/24/19 Building permit records including demolitions, construction, major sewer installations/removals, ... City Clerk
01/17/19 Re: RFP 18-86: City of Santa Rosa, CA-Disaster Recovery Consulting Services; Proposal Due Date: J... City Clerk
01/31/19 record of meetings and correspondence on 4723 Muirfield court.   We are trying to document all ... City Clerk
01/14/19 I, Kevin Weigant, acting as the President of Municipal Auditing Services LLC would like to make a... City Clerk
01/09/19 Current commercial solid waste rate schedule effective 1/1/19. City Clerk City Clerk
01/14/19 Unclaimed or outstanding checks including dates, names, last addresses and amounts due the paye... City Clerk
01/23/19 I need to know if there is any Building and Fire Code Violations, along with getting a copy of th... City Clerk
01/29/19 Vintage Park Apartments located on 147 Colgan Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. As part of the as... City Clerk
01/14/19 Good afternoon, This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property... City Clerk
01/22/19 I would like to request any records that you may have on file from any date for the address locat... City Clerk
01/31/19 I am working on a television series named Rescue Heroes.  It is a show that tells stories of natu... City Clerk
01/25/19 Alderbrook Heights Apartments located at 2220 and 2260 Brookwood Avenue in Santa Rosa, California... City Clerk
01/22/19 I am conducting a sensitive receptor survey in response to an unauthorized releases of petroleum ... City Clerk
02/04/19 Request for Proposal 18-35 for Business Tax Administration Services: Copy of any scoring sheets ... City Clerk
01/28/19 Reference: 306 Mendocino Avenue
Partner Project Number: 19-237480.1 In accordance with rules ...
City Clerk
02/26/19 We would like request a copy of your City’s sales and use tax auditing services contract with you... City Clerk
01/11/19 220-240 Burt St 1: Provide copies of any building code violations 2: Provide copies of any open... City Clerk City Clerk
01/28/19 Emails, faxes, documents, reports or memos produced, sent or received by the following City of ... City Clerk
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