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04/04/19 111 Santa Rosa ave.  1996 Permit #43328 pages 1 of 9 through 5 of 9 of each micro contains 6 draw... City Clerk
01/06/19 A complete copy of any and all current contracts that the agency has entered into for the provisi... Kathryn Marko
01/24/19 The City of Santa Rosa received your Public Records Act request on January 24, 2019. The request ... Kathryn Marko
04/22/19 RE:  KBBF Radio Code Enforcement Issues at 4010 Finley Rd, Santa Rosa I am requesting under the ... City Clerk
05/20/19 Hello, My aunt Jennette May Ostrander (married name Stallone) died in Santa Rosa 16 Dec 2002 and ... City Clerk City Clerk
03/26/19 2813 Apple Valley - permit history and code violations. City Clerk City Clerk
03/08/19 I am writing to request the following documents: 1: Current franchise agreement (most likely an ... City Clerk City Clerk
01/14/19 Can you please advise me the title and regulation number of the ordinance that governs the displa... City Clerk City Clerk
02/22/19 Copies of appeals of decisions by city boards and/or commissions to the City Council from Jan. 1,... City Clerk City Clerk
01/08/19 Please provide a copy of any appeal of a cannabis-related planning decision filed with the city c... City Clerk City Clerk
01/09/19 Current commercial solid waste rate schedule effective 1/1/19. City Clerk City Clerk
04/12/19 I need the permit history for 9115 Benny Goodman Way, Windsor CA 95492, Parcel# 161-560-008.   City Clerk City Clerk
01/11/19 220-240 Burt St 1: Provide copies of any building code violations 2: Provide copies of any open... City Clerk City Clerk
04/29/19 This firm is conducting a Phase I ESA at the following addresses:   256 and 258 Sutton Pl, Sant... City Clerk City Clerk
04/29/19 This firm is conducting a Phase I ESA at the following addresses:   256 and 258 Sutton Pl, Sant... City Clerk City Clerk
02/26/19 Looking at the web site it tells me that there in no audio or video of these meetings which appea... City Clerk City Clerk
03/30/19 I’m seeking the owner of my neighbors house 623 Grandberg Ct, Santa Rosa Ca 95407. For constructi... City Clerk City Clerk
03/20/19 A digital copy of the Request For Proposals which resulted in Bob Aaronson being hired as Santa R... City Clerk City Clerk
03/22/19 Hello,  I'm looking to obtain building permits for the property we own located at 306 Mendocino ... City Clerk City Clerk
04/16/19 I am searching for the Measure N initiative that was passed in the 2016 General Election. The Cit... City Clerk City Clerk
04/16/19 I am requesting a copy of plans for: 2955 Old Bennett Ridge Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. City Clerk City Clerk
03/26/19 2817 Apple Valley Lane - all permit history and code violations. 2814 Iroquois was the former ad... City Clerk City Clerk
04/08/19 STANDARDS FOR CITY ISSUED REPORTS Copies of standards used to properly and thoroughly construct ... City Clerk City Clerk
04/23/19 Hello, I put in a request for 5335 Diane Way, Santa Rosa for the permit history of this property... City Clerk City Clerk
05/02/19 In your establishment of a proposed all electric homes, etc, I request that I be provided with an... City Clerk Sandi Bliss
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