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This portal is intended for requesting public records only. If you are seeking responses to questions, please contact the appropriate City department.

You may find your records faster by searching records that are already available via this portal's search results. Type the records (example: cannabis) or address you are seeking in the search box on the left hand side of the page and click enter.  You may also visit the City's website.  


To enable staff to respond to your request as efficiently as possible:

  • Don't put personal information, like your birth date or social security number in your public request.
  • For property searches, include address (and Assessor’s Parcel Number) if known.
  • Be as specific as possible in your request (include the type of record being requested). 

NOTE: Stamped plans are available for inspection in the office of record. To obtain copies, an affidavit must be signed by the property owner and design professional.


For a copy of your arrest history, you must apply directly to the California Department of Justice. This link will provide more information (on the right there is information about requesting your own arrest record):



You are not required to include any contact information with a request, however if you submit an anonymous request you will not receive updates about your request or be able to log in to access documents. The only way you will be able to receive responsive documents is if the department posts them publicly on the portal or if you contact the department directly. If the department needs clarification on your request and has no way to contact you, your request may be closed without a response.

 Contact City Clerk's Office (707) 543-3015 with questions or if you need assistance submitting your request.