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Dear City of Santa Rosa -- I am doing some research on the Santa Rosa Air Center, an airport often abbreviated in your system as Santa Rosa Air Ctr. The Air Center was closed in 1991 and has now been largely developed for new homes. I understand from previous correspondence with the city that it was incorporated into the city of Santa Rosa in 1997.

In order to request records on this property either at the City or at Sonoma County, I need to find the old address of the Santa Rosa Air Center. Two addresses have turned up in searches: 

3840 Finley Avenue, Santa Rosa

3842 Finley Avenue, Santa Rosa

I am asking for a search of the history of these two properties. I am hoping that, prior to the closure of the Air Center, one of these was it's street address.

If this is search is not possible, please let me know how I might proceed to find the former street address of the Santa Rosa Air Center. Title search? Tax records?

Thank you.


Dean Kuipers


October 22, 2019 via web


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The records you requested and which were determined to be disclosable exist in electronic format and we have provided all responsive non-exempt records to you.

October 22, 2019, 3:41pm
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Thanks for the conversation today - glad we connected and I was able to get you some history on the Santa Rosa Air Center.


As we discussed, the area of the Air Center was not annexed into the City until circa 1995-1997 - prior to that, the unincorporated area would have been under County of Sonoma jusridiction. The Air Center itself may have been owned by the Federal government, as it was the site of the US Naval Air Base and a US Army Reserve Center prior to annexation.


You might want to check in with the County Historical Records Commission:

Based on GIS aerials, it looks like the barracks were/are located at 3840 Finley Ave. The hangars were maybe at 3842 Finley, and the US Army Reserve Center was located at 3890 Finley. The City's records prior to annexation and development of the area and surrounding area are scanty. I did find an old request for City water/sewer services. I also found some documents pertaining to the deactivation of the Air Center in a development file - it appears that development couldn't move forward until the Air Center was decommissioned.


As we discussed, here is the link to the City's GIS page - there are a few different ways you can view the area.


Gaye LeBaron might have some good information on the Air Center, and she may have covered the fire there as well.


I've uploaded the few documents we have that aren't strictly development based. That's pretty much it for historical information, besides stacks of planning and development and building permits!


You might also contact the Sonoma County Library - there are digital historical collections as well as the History Annex. They may have useful information as well.

As we discussed, I'll go ahead and close your request. If you find you need some more specific records in the future, don't hesitate to submit another request!




October 22, 2019, 3:40pm by Gretchen Emmert, Records Management Technician (Staff)
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