Request #19-553

I am requesting a list of all calls for service (fire, alarm, ambulance, emergency medical services) from January 1, 2010 or from the start of your department’s computerized database to the present (the day your department processes this request), for the following address:

 1140 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95405

A CAD spreadsheet or printout would satisfy my request, as long as it has date and time of each incident, type of incident, and outcome. I am not looking for any names of victims. I’m just doing a due diligence search on the address.

Along with the list of all calls for service, please provide an explanation for any codes or abbreviations used on the list of all calls for service.

Please e-mail me copies of these if you can to save on postage and preparation.

I agree to pay the statutory fee for these records, if any are applicable. Let me know if cost is more than $15. Thank you!


August 8, 2019 via web






Point of Contact

City Clerk

Request Closed Public

The records you requested and which were determined to be disclosable exist in electronic format and we have provided all responsive non-exempt records to you.

August 12, 2019, 12:00pm
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August 12, 2019, 11:59am
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Incident Summary.pdf
August 12, 2019, 11:58am
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August 8, 2019, 7:01am