Request #19-376

Pursuant to the California Constitution, Article I, Section 3, subdivision (b), and the California Public Records Act, California Government Code Section 6250, et seq., I respectfully request you produce copies of public records via email to in a manipulatable, searchable Excel (XLS) spreadsheet, comma separated values (CSV) file, or text (TXT) file, not as a PDF or Word document. 

For all bank accounts checks/warrants (“checks”) are issued from, please provide records of *all uncashed checks* - in all amounts - that meet the following criteria: 

1. Were issued between January 1, 2010 and the date the search is conducted; and 

2. Have *not* been presented for payment (uncashed, not negotiated, etc.); and 

3. Have *not* been reissued; and 

4. Are *not* ineligible to be reissued; and 

5. Have *not* been remitted to any state unclaimed property office. 

Please provide all available fields, including but not limited to, (i) payee/vendor name, (ii) payee/vendor address, (iii) amount, (iv) date of item, (v) check number, etc. 

Please note: This request specifically excludes all checks that have already been reissued, and/or are ineligible to be reissued, and/or have already been remitted to a state unclaimed property office. Excluding checks that cannot be reissued is extremely beneficial, as processing only eligible reissue requests conserves the resources of all parties. 

Rolling production: Please treat each numbered request for records as a separate and discrete request, so that any delay in producing one request does not delay the production of any other request. And, for each numbered request, please inform me if, after a reasonable search, no responsive records whatsoever were located (i.e., 1. No records found, 2. Records attached, 3. No records found, etc.). 

As you determine whether this request seeks copies of disclosable public records, please be mindful that Article I, Section 3 (b)(2) of the California Constitution requires you to broadly construe a statute, court rule, or other authority if it furthers the right of access to the records requested and to narrowly construe a statute, court rule, or other authority if it limits my right of access. 

Pursuant to Gov. Code, Section 6255(a)(b) and Gov. Code, Section 6259, in the event an officer, person or public official determines that an express provision of law exists to exempt from disclosure all or a portion of the records requested, please provide a notification in writing (from the officer, person or public official that made the decision to refuse disclosure) which includes the legal authorities upon which your agency relies to justify withholding the records. If you do intend to disclose any responsive record in redacted form, I ask that you redact that record for the time being (by blacking it out not whiting it out) and make the rest of the records available as requested. 

Pursuant to Gov. Code, Sections 6253.1(a)(1) and 6253.1(a)(2), to assist me to identify records and information that are responsive, please provide the name and contact information of each officer, person or public official who is the custodian of each of the requested records. Also, please describe the information technology and physical location in which the records do exist and provide suggestions for overcoming any practical basis for denying access to the records or information sought. 

Thank you for your assistance in fulfilling this request. 


June 3, 2019 via web






Point of Contact

City Clerk

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The records you requested and which were determined to be disclosable exist in electronic format and we have provided all responsive non-exempt records to you.

June 10, 2019, 2:24pm
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June 10, 2019, 2:24pm
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June 10, 2019, 2:23pm
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June 3, 2019, 12:15pm